Adult Breeding Females


Emma is our compact, blue Frenchie. She has a sweet disposition, ideal proportions and a delightful, playful personality. Emma is our smallest Frenchie and has fantastic conformation.


Cali is our sweet, athletic female with a gorgeous blue brindle coat. She is extremely affectionate, loves playing with other dogs and is especially attentive to her human companions. She is genetically capable of producing highly sought-after colors.


Sasha is blue and tan with a big head. She has a particularly calm temperament, which is passed on to all her puppies. All families receiving one of Sasha’s puppies will be blessed. Sasha is a loving mother and a wonderful companion.


Fiona is the newest member of the DFB family. She is our gorgeous blue merle. Fiona is well behaved and enjoys spending her days playing fetch and cuddling. Not only is Fiona a rare blue merle, she also has unique light blue markings.