Diamond French Bulldogs is a Wilmington, North Carolina-based breeder specializing in rare, exotic-colored French Bulldogs. Our focus is breeding exceptional French Bulldogs who stand out for their personalities and physical beauty. We have the knowledge and discipline to ensure that only the top lines enter our breeding program. Our carefully curated genetic line delivers superior structure and color in each and every dog.

Temperament is an equal focus. We work tirelessly to ensure that, from the moment they enter the world, our puppies are surrounded by love and warmth. By filling our dogs’ early experience with affection and joy we ensure they relate to the world with that same love, openness and affection. We want our dogs’ personalities to be every bit as beautiful as their appearance.

We produce beautiful blue, blue and tan, blue fawn, lilac, and merle French Bulldogs. Our dogs have excellent conformation, health and temperament; these are always our top priority - quality comes before color. Our breeding program is built upon an established lineage - our dogs’ family tree contains some of the most renowned French Bulldog pedigrees in the world. Diamond French Bulldogs has one goal: to produce healthy and happy Frenchies with highly sought-after colors. Each puppy lives in our home and is nurtured as a part of our family until they join yours.

All of our dogs come with American Kennel Club (AKC) registration papers. If you are interested in one of our puppies, please call or text us at (910) 446-3949 to learn about our upcoming litters. Flight nanny delivery is available nationwide.